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eviction notice on a desk

Eviction halted through 31st December


Is it happening again?

No, this time around is different.

The stop to evictions is valid for just one categorie of tenants:

  1. those who are unable to pay due to Covid19.
  2. and were eligible for a stimulus check earlier this year.
  3. and they can prove they tried to get government help.
  4. and they must prove they would be homeless if evicted.
  5. and last but not least, their dire economic situation is a direct consequence of Covid19.

As you can see, this time around, a tenant cannot just decide to stop paying and figure it out later. This time if he/she does not prove what we said before, he or she can be evicted right away.

Besides, “normal” eviction are still possible: if one, for some unknown reason, should decide to destroy the property they are living in, the landlord can evict them right away.

Obviously, just like last time, tenants must pay for the missing rent once the moratorium is over.

Our opinion is that in Cleveland is not going to be easy to prove the inability to find a new job after the loss due to Covid19 of the previous one, since the job market is actually booming at this time. There’s work from pretty much everyone.

We will see how this new situation will play out. Stay tuned!

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